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Continuous enhancement

QuontinuIm stands for the continuous enhancement of quality and food safety systems, hence our name, which is derived from `continuous improvement' with the Q for `quality'.

We help medium-sized and large food companies to improve, upgrade and/or maintain their quality systems and guarantee quality by means of audits. In addition, we can supply you with temporary cover for a member of your quality assurance team or send out someone who can carry out his/her duties on your behalf.

Quality and food safety

Quality and food safety are key to the growth of any food company. Food is a basic need, one that is governed by stringent safety requirements. Consumers have a right to enjoy delicious, nutritious and safe products without any worries.

Many years of experience and expertise

Our many years of experience and expertise mean that QuontinuIm can provide you with invaluable information, not to mention a variety of tools, continuously adapted to the latest developments. We offer added value by taking a critical and proactive look at your existing quality systems.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions and a personal approach are central to that process. QuontinuIm not only offers you the building blocks you need but also makes sure that your quality system is tailored to your own business, as experience has taught us that this is the only way to efficiently guarantee quality and food safety.

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