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Common misconceptions about quality management.

21/11/2018 | Bart Bosch | General

Quality management is hot. However, there are still many misconceptions about it. We will be glad to clear things out for you. 

Misconception 1: quality is not owned by the quality department. 

The quality department is not the owner of quality; however, it does have the task to facilitate quality in all corporate divisions.  

When you let the quality department become the owner of the quality management system, you instate incorrect responsibilities and the engagement for quality work will go down. Besides, the quality department will be drowned in work in that case.  

A smooth-running quality department will definitely keep the attention of the different process owners. It provides maximum support and facilitates, but does not take over ownership. 

The quality department is not allowed to work on an island, but has to integrate into the organisation as much as possible. 

Misconception 2. Quality systems do not result in more work. 

Many people think that quality systems result in extra work without return on investment. This is not correct. An important aspect of quality systems is describing processes and removing or rethinking nonsensical process steps. Your work will be more efficient and cost-saving thanks to these process optimisations. 

By working with quality, you will get better products, the rework is lower, the time loss decreases and there are less frustrations in your organisation. When properly applied and managed, a quality system can actually help you make money. It is an investment that pays off, not a cost. 

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