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How to diversify/improve your employee training program

08/06/2020 | Aleksandra Olszewska | General

Regularly scheduled and performed training gives you the confidence that Prerequisite Programs at your facility will work appropriately. 


Who should be trained?

Training is for all workers: front line, warehouses, maintenance, laboratory, office and management. The training program needs to include new employees, returning to work, but also temporary personnel and contractors. On top of that, there are the refresher trainings for all employees.


When you are preparing training material based on the annual plan, keep in mind the knowledge and experience of the trainees. And when preparing training materials, try to put yourself in the role of the participant. 

Does this training interest you? 

Will this material be interesting for you, as a participant?


Different types of training

Try to prepare different types of training and different content adapted to knowledge, experience and duties performed during daily work. 

  1. For new employees, who just started work in the factory, it is already a hard time to remember everything. There is a lot of information to digest in a short period of time: Quality requirements, health and safety at work requirements, manager expectations and the specific job requirements. 

    PRO TIP: Quality training should be as simple as possible. Try to use pictures/ posters! This is eye catching and bring attention! 

    At the end of a basic training, prepare a short test just to ensure that they are aware of the basic requirements. Attention: be sure that all basic Quality requirements are covered during the training!

  2. For few years’ employees, you should strengthen the Quality knowledge. 

    PRO TIP: Training should be more detailed and, at the end, you need to remember about tests, confirming their knowledge.

  3. For the most experienced employees working already many years in the factory, they already have a really impressive knowledge and might have refined procedures already. Very often they are a great source of information and knowledge, also related to Quality issues, e.g. incidents, improvements, cleaning practices…. 

    PRO TIP: Why not use their knowledge and experience in the training?  You can organise the training, but they will execute the training in a practical way. 

    As an example,  you can prepare a Case Study and put the experienced employees into the role of Quality Manager/Quality Department. For the partiular case, they should collect all required data, analyse collected information and make final decision on the goods: release them, rework or landfill. 


A good coordination by management support, cooperation between teams, documentation, training and monitoring systems ensure all departments of the facility work together effectively to deliver safe finished product.


You want to have your employee training program refreshed? Interested in the Case Study Training in your organization? Than send an e-mail to and we’ll see what we can do for you within our Call-an-Expert program.








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