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In which way does quality management protect your brand and image?

06/02/2019 | Bart Bosch | General

Quality management plays a crucial part when it comes to building up and protecting the name of your brand and the image your products portray. There is a good reason why many large companies apply the motto “Quality is here to protect the brand”. Especially at times in which “bad” news about your brand or product spreads rapidly through social media, the importance of continuous and high-quality increases. This makes a strong quality management system an absolute necessity. 

It takes many years and major efforts to establish a strong brand name. However, one quality issue in the headlines of newspapers or shared through social media is enough to damage your brand severely.  

High level of quality and safe 

Consumers rightly expect the products they purchase to be of high quality and safe. This reliability is the main reason for people to choose products manufactured by the well-known brands. In the event of a failing quality system, the expected high level of quality is insufficiently and not always guaranteed. In the long term, quality issues inevitably lead to the loss of clients.    

Guarantee to prevent problems 

The above is also the reason why companies have a legitimate fear of increasing complaints figures, quality scandals or large-scale recall campaigns. A high-performing and robust quality system is the best guarantee to prevent such problems and to tackle them.  

Complaint follow-up at a high level 

When you work with a strong and developed quality management system, your complaints follow-up also performs at a high level. In addition, a quality approach entails the monitoring of social media to stay on top of things, making it possible to respond quickly and appropriately to prevent anything worse from happening.  

Monitoring social media 

Monitoring messages about competitors is also of essential importance. What is going on within our industry? What do competitors believe to be important? Such follow-up of social media is an integral part of a complete and integrated quality system.   

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