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The importance of motivated employees for the quality of your product?

20/02/2019 | Bart Bosch | General

The quality of your products is determined first and foremost by your employees on-the-job, not by the processes elaborated in voluptuous handbooks. This somewhat provocative statement also means that it is impossible to overestimate the importance of motivated employees for the level of quality. Employees who are stimulated within quality management to think along about improvements and who are also allowed to implement these, feel a stronger commitment and are more driven.  

All too often is forgotten that the true experts on the production processes and the production machines are present in the workplace. Your employees are confronted with possible shortcomings, inefficiencies and defects on a daily basis. 

Companies that are actively stimulating their employees to think about improvements – and also offer them the support to implement changes effectively – benefit from numerous advantages.  

Twofold benefit 

First, there are the direct benefits of positive process changes in the form of lower error rates, less malfunctions, higher production speeds, … Second, responsive employees are more motivated and feel more closely involved with the end result. The employee having joint responsibility on the process, will also feel responsible for the final product.  This dedication automatically leads to a higher level of quality. 

Listen to the persons on-the-job 

This is also one of the reasons why we first listen to the people in the workplace upon commencement of consultancy assignments. What would they change to make the production process run more smoothly? Time and time again, we are amazed by the knowledge, expertise and the creative ideas brought up during these conversations.  

Compelling story quality system 

The above also means that it is important to motivate your employees in the workplace for your quality system. Your quality system should not be a compulsory matter but must especially involve a compelling story.  

Your employees have to realise that they play an important role in the end result. They have to know what their personal impact on the final quality is and – in case of food companies – on the food safety. 

Quality culture 

This ultimate goal requires a quality culture throughout the entire organisation, from management to the cleaning services in the workplace. The managers must also show ongoing proof, by means of the way they think and act, that a quality approach is not an empty concept but a daily challenge for everyone within the company.   

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