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What requires your attention when choosing a quality management consultant?

28/09/2018 | Bart Bosch | General

When you decide to hire an external consultant for your quality management, it is obviously important to make the right choices. In this blog we will give you 3 clear tips to select the right quality management consultant.  

Tip 1: what experience does the person in question have?  

The first tip is about the experience of the consultant. We always recommend choosing a quality consultant with a lived experience. This means that he should preferably have worked as a quality manager himself and therefore knows what it means to start up and manage a quality management system. This will ensure that the consultant has the required sense of reality. 

It is also advisable to have experience in your specific sector. All too often we see large consultancy firms sending out so-called junior experts who have hardly done anything in practice.  

The more significant the consultant’s experience, the more added value you get for your investment in external consultancy. 

Tip 2: does the consultant have knowledge of the right quality techniques? 

There are lots of quality systems and techniques. It is obviously important to verify whether the consultant in question has the required qualifications for the quality system that applies to your company or sector. 

Tip 3: does the consultant want to make himself (in)dispensable as soon as possible? 

A good consultant wants to help you to the best of his ability without making himself indispensable. The idea for the consultant is not to become embedded in your company and to temporarily take over the tasks of the quality manager. He should support you to manage the quality system and to further develop it as soon as possible.  

This also means that the quality system should be tailored to the customer’s needs and not to the consultant’s needs. 

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