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Which measures should be put in place to guarantee food safety?

07/11/2018 | Bart Bosch | General

Food safety is an absolute precondition to build up a successful business in the food sector. Incidents which may compromise food safety are regularly reported in the media. This may result in health risks and major image damage. These preventive measures can be taken immediately in your organisation to guarantee food safety. 

1. Validate your production processes 

In the food sector, it is essential to fully underpin your production processes to make sure they become predictable.  In order to kill all bacteria, for example, a specific time/temperature combination is essential. This way you are 100% sure that no unwanted microorganisms will end up in your products. 

The best way to underpin your production processes is by validating them. This way, you can be sure that the production process always goes as planned. These preventive measures are supported by all kinds of measurements and analyses to exclude any risk.  

2. Evaluate your risks on the basis of HACCP 

Taking the right preventive measures reduces the risk of problems. This risk analysis is embedded in HACCP. You will have to write down all production processes and analyse the risks associated with each process step. What is the probability of each risk and what are the consequences?  

By conducting a well-founded risk analysis and taking preventive measures on that basis, the probability of problems is reduced to zero. 

3. Ensure maximum engagement of your employees 

The most important challenge for achieving maximum food safety is the awareness of your production staff. They must be totally aware of the importance of food safety. This requires sustained efforts.  

Working in the food sector is not just a job. The health of other people is in your hands. It is important that your employees realise this. Would you let your own children eat from our products with total peace of mind?' is an important starting point in this process. 

Awareness can be raised in many different ways, for example by means of films, poster, training, testimonies of customers and staff ...  

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