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Why do good quality consultants achieve more sustainable results and complete their assignment quicker?

17/04/2019 | Bart Bosch | General

It is not easy for companies to find a good external quality consultant who guarantees a high surplus value. In any case, it is important to select the proper person because a good quality consultant achieves more sustainable results and completes his or her assignment quicker.  

A good quality consultant must have the required practical experience. It is important, for example, for these persons to have effectively worked as a quality manager during a number of years. With that, it is certainly an advantage to have fulfilled this function in multiple organisations.  

The appropriate approach of a quality management system also depends on the organisational culture. Proper understanding of this culture offers major added value in order to deliver high-quality work.  

A good quality consultant is obviously not only preying on his experience. It is important for a consultant to undertake ongoing further training and to learn new ideas and quality techniques.  

Pragmatic and flexible 

Thanks to many years of experience, a quality consultant recognises situations and is able to make connections quicker. It is important in this respect to work in a pragmatic and flexible manner.  

Following the analysis of the existing quality system, it is often better to transform the existing working method purposely, lifting quality management to a higher level, instead of wanting to fully renew everything. This way you achieve stronger results quicker without evoking additional resistance.  

Of course, it is important for a consultant to be open and honest. If needed, you also have to be able to communicate difficult messages with the necessary maturity, also to the CEO.  

Making oneself redundant 

A good quality consultant is first and foremost striving to make himself redundant. When clients pick up on your methods and instructions quickly and implement these themselves, you achieve structural and more sustainable results. The quality management system will then be integrated and accepted at all levels within the organisation. Employees feel committed to the narrative of quality.  

If you, as a consultant, are afraid to make yourself indispensable, the constructed house of cards will be guaranteed to collapse once you have left. And that is obviously not the intention of a robust quality management system that also entails a permanent improvement cycle.  

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