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Why does a pragmatic approach in quality management ensure better results?

06/03/2019 | Bart Bosch | General

A pragmatic approach for the set-up and implementation of a quality management system always leads to better results than a theoretical approach. Processes may be completely fail proof on paper, they offer little added value if they are not applied. It is therefore best to elaborate quality management in a pragmatic manner within an organisation, keeping in mind the applicability and its future use.  

It looks attractive in a bookcase when all processes are written down theoretically in a voluptuous handbook. However, this doesn’t mean these processes are applied effectively and followed accurately in the workplace.  

No voluptuous handbooks 

Voluptuous handbooks are rarely and increasingly less read on-the-job which makes a different, pragmatic approach our absolute favourite. Opt for clear flowcharts or appealing tutorial videos to convey processes. Keep it simple, brief and accessible. “Make it stick”, is the assignment. Nobody will read a process description consisting of eight pages in a handbook, yet the same process displayed schematically in a flowchart will be absorbed. 

Process owners to take measures themselves 

We always advise process owners to elaborate the processes themselves. They have the knowledge and expertise of the current operation and are able to translate it perfectly into a flowchart. They are usually also the ones who know which possible changes are an effective improvement and which are not. The best improvement proposals are normally found on-the-job.  

Not over the heads of people 

A well-functioning quality management system is therefore not elaborated over the heads of people but mainly by the people within the organisation itself. That applies to all levels, from high to low.  

This is the way to achieve true ownership of quality whereby your employees feel maximum involvement in the end result. It goes without saying that such pragmatic approach leads to a higher return of your quality management system in the long run.    

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