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Why is an external quality consultant often your best bet?

05/12/2018 | Bart Bosch | General

Some organisations doubt about the added value of an external quality management consultant. This blog will discuss the added value of this external perspective. 

1. Avoid corporate blindness. 

When you work at a company or on quality system for a longer period of time you risk corporate blindness. You are satisfied with your own quality system and no longer see the mistakes and shortcomings. You are, as it were, conjoined with your own system and are no longer able to have a critical look at what you are doing. 

In that case an external look and other eyes can be very insightful. By discussing with the consultant, you are forced to look at your own organisation in a different way. 

2. Learn from best practices 

As a quality department you don't have to re-invent the wheel. There are many organisations where quality management is approached differently and possibly better.  

By hiring an external consultant, you will immediately gain his knowledge of these best practices. This helps you to initiate improvements or evolve to a higher level of quality management. 

3. Get more things done in your organisation. 

An external consultant often gets more done in an organisation than the own staff. The management invests in an external consultant and therefore also expects change and improvement proposals.  

A smart quality manager sees this as a window of opportunity, where a number of items can be put on the agenda, of course in interaction and consultation with the external consultant. And that is how the external consultant becomes a real change partner for the quality manager. 

4. Evaluate your own quality department. 

An external consultant can also be called in for an assessment of the current quality department. Is the department doing well and are they ready for the future? The answers to these important questions help the management make strategic decisions. 

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