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Your Pest Control Program under control

19/06/2020 | Aleksandra Olszewska | General

To have a successful Pest Control Program, you need to have several things in place: an effective assessment, monitoring, and management of pest activity. It is achievable by proper identification of pests to be managed, preventing pest infestation, and the elimination of present pests.


A Pest Control Program is very often supported by an external, specialized company. Nevertheless,  you have to be aware which points need to be covered to be aligned with requirements.


The procedure

First of all, it’s good practice to have a pest control procedure in place, which clearly describes the responsibility of facility employees and the responsibility of the external company. 


The contract

Second point which ensure good control of Pest Control is a signed contract between the facility and contractor. This document should include the following information:

  • Facility name, address where the pest control has to be carried out and contact details,
  • External company name and contact details,
  • Frequency of visits,
  • Detailed description of provided services,
  • Equipment and material storage specifications (if applicable),
  • List of approved chemicals, 
  • Documentation which needs to be maintained,
  • Emergency action plan.

Based on the contract a lot of the activities are under external company’s responsibility. But the documentation needs to be available on the facility: after all, you need to be able to show compliance during controls and audits. This could be in hard copy, in an electronic version or internet based. Those records, labels, maps, etc. need to be up to date.


Pest Control documentation that needs to be available

  • Labels and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)/ CSDS (Chemical Safety Data Sheet) of the used chemicals 

Attention! Please check if labels and Safety Sheets are up to date.

  • Pesticides application documentation. 

Attention! If pesticides are stored at the facility, be sure that this is included in the Chemical Control Program.

  • Monitoring device documentation:
    • Management of exterior rodent monitoring devices,
    • Management of interior rodent monitoring devices,
    • Management of insect light traps,
    • Management of pheromone monitoring devices
    • Management of crawling insect devices
  • Pest Control Maps.
  • Documentation of pest sightings and activity and actions taken- Trend Analysis;
  • Operator training certificate
  • Insurance document

Based on this documentation, you can trust a qualified person is taking care of your pest program and that you can identify areas where pest activity is observed, then define and implement Corrective Actions.


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