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Why I will never give you a perfect score on a quality audit

05/12/2019 | | Quality

As a quality auditor, I will never give you a score of 10 out of 10 when performing an audit on your product, service or event. There, I said it. It might be an unpopular opinion, but your audit score will never be perfect. And I will tell you why.

What quality management is all about

Quality management isn’t about reaching a certain end goal. Quality management is all about continuous improvement, willing to do better everyday. 

This quality mindset is very important to continuously improve your product, service and company as a whole. That’s why I will never give 10 out of 10 during a quality audit, whether it’s an event, training or service. 

Why not? 

Because I’m convinced there’s always something to improve. And I will always find something to improve, because that’s what a quality mindset is all about

But how do you continue to improve your product or service? 

Continuous improvement means setting up an improved communication process with your customer. This way you will find out your customer’s needs and what his expectations really are. To obtain continuous improvement, internal communication is key, because you have to translate your clients’ expectations, which might be a bit vague. 

On top of that, you need to think ahead of your customer and give him more than he actually asked for. In this customer-centric era, customer expectations are increasing. That’s why it’s very important to focus on continuous improvement in order to obtain competitive advantage

Continue to improve your product, service or event, even if you think it’s already reached its full potential. Nothing is ever perfect and there is always room for improvement. That’s why a quality audit is so important. It helps you to discover flaws you might’ve never thought of and learn to think more in a customer-centric way. 

The quality job is never finished and therefore you will never obtain a perfect score on my quality audit. 

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