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To which generation of quality does your company belong?

Providing quality products or services is the raison d’être of any company. Still, this is not always a given. Guaranteeing a constant level of quality is the ultimate challenge for every company. This challenge was the reason for the formation of the first quality departments in the past, several decades ago.

Throughout the years, the way of thinking about quality and quality management evolved. We can distinguish four generations of quality management:

  1. Quality is checking.
  2. Quality is managing processes.
  3. Quality is constant improvement.
  4. Quality focusses on all stakeholders.

On the future horizon of quality management, a fifth generation is making its appearance: total ownership of quality. Translation: quality belongs to everyone. In this situation an independent quality department doesn’t even exist anymore.

This e-book takes you on a journey through the history of quality management and challenges every quality manager to be prepared for the future.

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About the author

The author of this e-book is Bart Bosch, business manager of Quontinuim. As a quality expert with about thirty years of experience in various positions at international food companies, he was fortunate enough to witness the worldwide evolution of the approach of quality management. This e-book gives his personal vision in regard to the past, the present and the future of quality management and approaching the issue of quality.

Are you prepared for the future?

The e-book offers additional insights for every quality manager and quality coordinator for professional consideration. In which time period of quality does your company find itself?

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