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Does your management review add value?

The Management Review has to add value, and not be the obliged meeting because it is required by the standard. At many companies, the Management Review sticks to that level. To help you having a Management Review that will move you forward, we developed a template for you.




ISO 9001 defines the input and output of a Management Review in their standard: this information was used as the base of this template. This template will guide you through all inputs and will urge you to actively evaluate the results, define the root cause for items that were not going as planned and which actions to take to move forward.

With this template, you will comply will all requirements of the different standards ànd will bring your Management Review beyond the point of the obligated day of presentations.

To prepare the Management Review, each process owner completes his/her part: results of last year, evaluate the results and define the root cause for items not achieved. This can be done before the actual Management Review and shared with the team: in this way members of the Management Review can think upfront about possible solutions and actions that can be discussed during the Management Review.

Your Management Review will become a guidance for the coming year, based on facts, root cause analysis and actions that will be owned by the whole management.

This template will contribute to the continuous improvement and the quality culture of your company, due to the participation of the whole management.


















This template will help you to get more value out of your Management Review ànd will support the continuous improvement and the development of a quality culture.

















Download your free copy of the "Management Review" template here

How we came to this template

We often see that many requirements from standards are seen as obligated jobs to do. They don't see the added value but do it just to be compliant with the requirements. The Management Review is no exception to this, although this is the ultimate tool to give direction to your organisation: the Management Review must add value to your organisation.

Many companies don't look on what is present in other standards than the one they have implemented themselves, and this is often not the place where they will find the answers on how to use the Management Review as a tool that will support the growth of their quality management system and company.

Do you want to use your Management Review to bring your organisation to the next level?

















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