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Quality improvement

Call an Expert

You’re stuck and would like to have some advice or insights from seasoned Quality professionals, from whom you know that there is a network to find the solution for you if it would be out of their expertise?

There is the feeling that your Quality Management System is not longer supporting the growth of your organization or is outdated and you need some support in improving the system. Or a Quality Manager could use some mentoring to grow to a higher level?

At Quontinuim all levels within a quality organization were executed: from lab technician to Global QSHE Director. That is the power of Quontinuim: quality experience in practice!

Compare it with having a flat tire or a tire that doesn’t fit your car: Quontinuim has a lot of tires in the back of the car that we can use or reshape to fit your car and to get you on the road again.

The Call the Expert is a 12 month program including unlimited support by e-mail and call-back video/phone for smaller issues. It also includes maximum 12 day visits to work together with you on reshaping our tools or develop something together that fits your needs.

We want to be the person whom we would have liked to have by our side when we started out first!


Quality Culture Implementer Program (QCIP)

Quality is not the sole responsibility of one department. In other words: the Quality department is not the owner of quality and has to facilitate quality in an organization.

If you have the feeling you’re the only one working on quality in your organization, or you see your Quality manager walking the Quality mountain alone? Realize that your system will never work!

Wether it is engaging your management team or operators: we can make it work for you with our QCIP. A direct approach for a more efficient quality, using different techniques from meetings to factory tours in maximum 12 contact moments on site.

The QCIP is a program in different steps:we start with an intake meeting, define the challenge and set the objective. We develop a tailor-made program and action plan which we discuss with you. We execute, write reports and follow up progress.

This program is adding value that lasts as we will create ownership of quality in your organization: people will be made aware of their impact on quality and how they can positively contribute without having additional work.


A tailor-made program

Our programs might not fit your needs: that's why we want to sit together with you and discuss what your needs are and how we can help you. We can adapt our programs to what will bring you the most benefits. Or we can develop a whole new program for you, to tackle your specific challenges.



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My Internal Audit System

Struggling with having your internal audits done? Do your internal audits not bring the desired outcome or benefit? A fresh pair of eyes needed on your system? Than MIAS is something for you!

The internal audit program is one of the cylinders of your Quality Management System engine, making the continuous improvement cycle going.

With MIAS we can upgrade your system by conducting value added internal audits, finding the nonconformance's against standard requirements, finding opportunities for improvement and ways to make your Quality Management System more efficient.


Supplier Verification Program

Supplier quality and its impact on your business is huge: when poor quality comes in, it will be hard to make good products out of it; unreliable suppliers will impact the efficiency of your operations and not well organized suppliers will hurt your business when not able to give you the needed replies to questions quickly.

Contract Manufactures are even directly impacting your brand!

You rely on GFSI certification of your suppliers? Good choice, if this covers all your requirements, issues you experience and that your supplier didn’t get the certificate to have it on the wall and to please you.

You use certification companies to audit your suppliers against your own standard, which is for 90% based on a GFSI standard, thus sending in the same audit organization again that did the certification audit of your supplier?

Quontinuim can carry out your supplier audits in an independent way with a practical approach, protecting your brand, focussing on what is important for you and advice them on improvements which can have a direct positive impact on your quality.



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Interim quality management

For a temporary support of your quality department or an ad interim quality manager: we are here to help you!

We bring along our experience and expertise and not only to close the gap, but also to have a positive contribution to your organisation: that's why there is a good comparision with Call-an-Epert, with the additonal fact that we also do the day-to-day job.

Interim quality management is always a tailor-made solution: it depends on how many days of support you need and for which time period. 




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